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Simple Garage Organization Ideas

If you’re thinking about organizing your garage, the first thing you need to do is remove everything from it. Then you can go through each and every thing and decide what you need to save, what you can donate, what you can recycle, and what you should just plain throw away. Finally, you can start putting things back into your garage in a more organized and functional manner.

Having a clean and organized garage is the desire of many, so here are some tips on how you can make your garage space your own clean well-lit place.

Take Measurements

Before you bring your car back into the garage take some measurements of the car. You need to know how much space you need in order to open the doors, trunk and hood without difficulty. This also will give you the amount of space you have left for storage of other large items in your garage such as bicycles, shelves, bins or workbenches.

Keep Things Off Of The Floor

Maximize your space by using your vertical space. Put in shelves and hang cabinets where possible. Consider a wall shelving system for your garage that allows you to store things conveniently so you can see what you have but also easily access it. You can also install hooks that allow you to hang bikes, skis, or other sporting equipment.

Label Containers

Using containers that are see through helps but you should still use a label maker or some method of labeling to mark everything. This will allow you to easily find anything you are looking for more quickly.

Keep Similar Items Together

Things like cans of oil, washer fluid, etc should be kept together. This keeps things easily accessible and helps you keep a quick inventory when needed. This way you save time and money by not buying something that you already have and just couldn’t find.

Keep Toxins Out of Easy Reach

Make sure that any toxic substances or hazardous chemicals are out of reach of small children and pets. Either store them up high or in a locking cabinet to avoid tragedy.

Make Use of Pegboard

Frequently used tools can be stored on a pegboard installed on a wall behind a work bench. This will give you easy access when you need them while keeping things organized. Tools that aren’t used as often can be kept in a tool chest with divide drawer space for easy access that keeps your workspace clear of clutter.

Storage Containers

You can purchase storage containers for small items like nuts and bolts, but you might want to consider recycling old jars instead. Baby food jars, spice jars or canning jars make excellent containers for small things.

Sandpaper Binder

Typically when you buy sandpaper it isn’t sold one sheet at a time and you may have a lot left over after using what you need. Instead of putting the sandpaper in a box or drawer punch holes in the side and store leftover sheets in a cheap 3-ring binder. You can label the outside of the binder so that you can identify the grit you have on hand.

Keep It Clean

Once you have spent the time organizing your garage make sure to put things back in their place when you are done using them so your garage will stay clean and organized. Keep garbage cans and cleaning supplies close to your work space and remember to sweep up after every project. It’s well worth a few minutes to maintain the organized space you worked so hard to create.