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The White Shelf Approach to Home Organization

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White Wall Shelf For Pantry Organization

Creating an effective method of pantry organization that fits your lifestyle can help you save time and money. You’ll be able to find items more quickly and you’ll know what you have so you don’t overbuy — which just creates more clutter and waste! One of the best ways to organize your pantry is with the use of an adjustable white wall shelf kit, or by having shelves added or installed in your pantry.

White Wall Shelf For Food Storage And Pantry Organization

As food costs rise, it’s more important than ever to use effective organizing ideas to create a food storage plan. For food storage, using white shelves is your best bet as it’s easier to see spilled food. Plus the high contrast of text-on-white makes reading food labels easier, especially if your pantry isn’t very well lit.

Understanding the basics of building a food storage system, as well as what kind of white wall shelf kits you’re likely to need will help you create a food storage and pantry organization system that works for you.

Consider Your Available Space

Do you currently have a pantry or are you storing most of your canned goods, cereals and other food items in kitchen cabinets? Food storage doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. Wooden wall shelves can be installed in spare bedroom closets, laundry rooms even a garage or cellar. You can even store some more attractive items directly in the kitchen, particularly if you find a white decorative shelf that blends in with your other cabinetry. Having storage shelves of some kind is essential, whether you have white wall shelves in a pantry or you creatively use a bookcase in the kitchen or another room in your home.

Determine The Best Pantry Shelving System

If the only space you have available is in the cellar, you’ll probably need a free-standing white bookshelf or two. If you have an open wall in the laundry room and want a clean look, try a large white floating shelf. If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, a wall mounted shelf kit might be your best bet, as they’re fairly inexpensive and they’re often easy to expand. Shelving units or shelving systems are a great way to make the most of spaces like a pantry or a closet.

Establish A System For Food Storage

After going through your kitchen and pantry food items cleaning out old food and donating non-expired items you know you’ll never use, you may want to begin increasing food storage. Here’s the basic food storage method. Each week set a budget for food and grocery items. Make a detailed menu for the week and determine which items you currently have on hand and which items you need to complete the menu. Only shop for the items you don’t have on hand. With the remaining money in your budget, stock up on items you regularly use that are on sale. If you can combine the sale with a coupon – even better.

Buy only items you’ll use. Good choices for initial food storage items are flour, sugar, pastas, lentils and canned goods. Don’t purchase items your family doesn’t use just because they’re inexpensive. The idea is to stock up on items you regularly use when they are at their lowest price. It will take time to get a good stockpile, but once you do, keeping it maintained is relatively easy. Remember to use first-in, first-out practices so you use the older food before the newer items.

Keep food costs down, and keep your pantry neat and orderly with a white wall shelf kit. Quick to install, they’re practically maintenance free and perfect for pantry organization. Take the white shelf approach to food storage – your checkbook will thank you.