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Patio Storage Boxes

Using storage boxes on your patio is a great way to keep garden and patio items handy, but neatly tucked away. They are especially handy if you don’t have much garage or yard space.

Some patio storage boxes can also double as furniture which makes them even more convenient. During the summer months, people tend to spend more time outside and this is a guaranteed way of collecting clutter. You can resolve the issue of clutter and garden furniture at a single stroke when you choose patio or deck storage boxes that double as outdoor patio furniture, like a patio storage bench or seat. These outdoor storage containers can even be used for hose storage.

Things to Consider Before Buying Patio Storage Boxes

Before you invest in a patio storage chest, think about the type you want. Dual purpose containers are a great idea. They are made from a few different materials like wood, resin, polyethylene or all-weather wicker. The material you choose may depend on where and how you plan to use this outdoor patio storage.

If things are simply left out in the open, then resin or polyethylene might be the better choice as they are very weatherproof and practically maintenance free. Some even have a stay dry design to keep the contents protected. If you don’t like the generic look they often have you can look for resin outdoor storage boxes that are designed to look like wood or stone for more aesthetic appeal.

Example of a Patio Storage Bench

If you decide that you want a wooden outdoor storage box and you have a space where the box will be somewhat protected from the weather, then looking at wooden patio storage benches might be a good idea. Many outdoor storage containers made of wood are either made of an all-weather wood like eucalyptus or teak or they have a protective coating to help them stand up to the weather better but they aren’t quite as weather resistant as resin containers.

If you choose a garden or patio storage bench when you sit outside or you have friends over, all you need are some nice outdoor cushions to liven it up and provide a bit more comfort — no one will need know that it is actually a patio storage box.

Make Sure It’s Durable Enough

Example of an Outdoor Storage Chest

Outdoor storage chests are made primarily from plastic, wood, or wicker. Lids and bottoms constructed from solid pieces tend to withstand the elements better than those made with slats. If an assembled storage container is displayed, look at the seal the lid makes with the rest of the container. A waterproof chest needs to create a watertight seal in order to keep the contents dry. Also, look inside to see if the bottom is made from a solid piece that will prevent groundwater from seeping up into it.

For durability, outdoor storage chests should be constructed with metal hinges. Plastic hinges tend to break, especially when exposed to the elements or to frequent opening and closing. Finally, remember that climates vary and that heat and humidity produce different effects on outdoor items than freezing temperatures. If it will be exposed to extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum, inquire about a warranty or check reviews of the specific outdoor storage chest before making a decision.

Matching Outdoor Storage Boxes With Existing Style

Before you choose a patio storage box it is a good idea to look around your yard, make note of what style is already utilized in your garden and what the back of your home looks like. If you have a copper hose pot or other warm tones in your yard you will want to choose one with a warm color.

If you have a lot of wood around the outside of your home and in your yard, then it makes sense to get some wooden storage boxes as they will fit right in with what you have. You may even want to get a table to go with your patio storage containers so that you can enjoy alfresco meals near the garden.

But it is also important to consider the functionality and maintenance level of any outdoor storage box you choose. For many outdoor plastic containers are tempting because they are often virtually maintenance free. Many now come in decorative styles so they can be an attractive addition and functional addition to your patio or deck.

If you don’t have a hose pot or other method of hose storage, garden storage boxes can be used as a hose holder. This type of container provides a great place to store many of your garden tools and supplies. Garden storage benches also provide a place to rest for a bit during a long day of gardening.

Ultimately, how you deal with storage and furnish your patio at the same time is a matter of personal choice. Many people choose resin or wooden storage and furnishings for their garden because it looks nice and ages well. Wicker is a nice choice too, especially if you have outdoor wicker furniture.

When shopping for patio storage boxes be patient and make sure you find the ones that will work and look the best in your yard.