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Streamline Your Workflow: Small Business Document Management Essentials

No matter which method or combination of methods you use, finding small business document management solutions that work for your business is essential. A well thought out system is critical for a business of any size. From a simple traditional paper document organizer to a complex electronic data management system there is an ideal solution for every business.

Small Business Document Management

There are a number of ways electronic document management can benefit your company, but you may also need a way to manage paper documents. Choosing the right overall system may involve integrating a couple of different methods to find the best fit for your business needs, but the good news is there are some great options available these days.

The Benefits Of Electronic Document Management

For the most part using software and online document management is the future for filing. Here are just a few of the benefits of electronic systems:

Save Money

How much time does an average employee in your office spend looking for paper records? If just one employee spends 20 minutes a day dealing with paper files, over the course of a year you’re spending almost $3400 in wages to an employee who makes $40 per hour.

Save Space

How much space does paper storage take for your business? How much do you pay per square foot in rent and utilities? By reducing your paper footprint you can, sometimes drastically, reduce the amount of money you spend on rent and associated facilities costs. Over time, these savings alone can pay for an integrated small business document management system.

Increase Efficiency

Every time a worker has to leave their desk to find a piece of information you lose efficiency. It’s easy to become sidetracked, sucked into side conversations or distracted. A central document management system allows staff to access information from their workstations making for a more focused work environment.

Workforce Friendly

More and more companies are moving to a virtual workforce model. If you have employees who work in different locations, having files available electronically is critical. A robust document management system can help employees access files, records and receipts from any location around the world.

Investing in the Right Document Management System

There are hundreds of products on the market designed to help you keep your company records organized. Each have their own place. A travel organizer or expense reporting app for example can help your employees keep good records and allow them to submit more detailed expense reports. Some companies may prefer state-of-the-art electronic systems, where a small business with just one or two employees may be able to get by with a simple accordion style organizer.

The important thing is to consider the needs of your individual business before making a final decision. Don’t invest in digital document management technology if it’s a more expensive and complicated system than you really need. There’s nothing wrong with a well organized file cabinet –- particularly if you’re on a budget. However, if you have a larger business and still have paper records, chances are there is an opportunity to optimize your processes and save a significant amount of money each year.

Small business document management doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Instead, focus on building an efficient method for storing and retrieving documents in a way that works for your employees and your business. Each year spend a moment or two evaluating your system and don’t hesitate to make changes if you’ve outgrown your current system.