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The White Shelf Approach to Home Organization

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White Floating Shelf For Memories

Your home is where you let your guard down, relax and spend time with the people you love. If you take The White Shelf approach, nothing in your home décor is unintentional. Each item should have a purpose… and what better purpose is there than showcasing some of the most memorable events spent with friends and family?

When you decorate your home, consider using a white floating shelf to showcase a collection of memories. Memories are ephemeral and moving. Floating them among your walls keeps them floating through your life.

In this guide we’ll give you some examples of how to create collections you and your family will fondly cherish.

The Beauty Of A White Floating Shelf

White Floating Shelves
White Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have a clean look that is perfect if you are focusing on home organization and creating a clean look in your home. Unlike a traditional wooden wall shelf a floating shelf is a single horizontal structure that doesn’t have lower hanging supports or decorative pieces. They are anchored into the wall and appear as though they float on the wall.

White floating shelves provide a clean and organized way to display your memorabilia including photo collections. They provide a way to organize your life, or at least the examples of experiences you’ve had in your life, and display them as a reminder of those times.

Why Collections Matter

Any time you put items on display, think about them in terms of a collection. Three photos of different family members taken during a memorable family camping trip make a more powerful statement than three unrelated photos. Pair the photo grouping with a small glass container filled with sand, pebbles, and interesting rocks collected during the trip and you’ve got a collection that tells a story.

When you think about what’s important – chances are it’s all the special experiences you have had with friends and family. By utilizing a white decorative shelf to showcase photos, found items and other memorabilia, you’re literally surrounding yourself with wonderful memories.

Collection Groupings

There are a few ways to approach displaying your collections. A collection wall is a great way to consolidate many different groupings in one place. A large dining room wall is a good choice; install several white shelves, each offset from each other. Create separate collections on each shelf. The dining room is a natural time for family conversation, and the photos and objects will also prompt great conversations with visiting guests.

Floating White Shelves
Floating White Shelves

A white corner shelf is a great place to display photos and other items as well. Consider stacking three corner shelves to create a memorabilia corner.

Shelves For Kids Collections

Creating collections is also a great habit for children to get into. It’s fun for them to collect different objects, toys and other accessories on trips. If your child has a white bookshelf in his or her room, why not reserve the top of the bookshelf for their own collections? Using a wall shelf or bookcase is a great way to display and organize collections. When it’s time to change out the collection, use labeled storage boxes to store the old collections. Keep this in mind when setting up or organizing kids rooms.

In our house we use boxes labeled with the child’s age. So not only do the collections on display get special recognition, but your children can relive experiences any time they want by viewing the contents of their collection boxes.

The time we have to spend with friends and family is precious. By taking the time to display photos and tokens from important events on a white wall shelf like a white floating shelf, you give yourself a visual reminder of what’s truly important — and how home decorating can be meaningful.