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The White Shelf Approach to Home Organization

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White Shelves For Organizing Kids Rooms

The clever and efficient use of shelves is a great way to organize kids rooms. Sometimes you may wonder how so much stuff ended up in your child’s room: the books, toys, artwork, puzzles… oh my! How does so much accumulate so fast? It almost seems as though children’s possessions multiply on their own. Even if you do manage to somewhat clean or organize a kids room it’s easy for the child to spy a long-forgotten toy or activity and all of a sudden the room is in disarray again.

That’s where The White Shelf approach can help you when organizing kids rooms. Shelves set up for specific uses can help your child can see what goes where.

White Shelves for Organizing Kids Rooms
White Shelves for Organizing Kids Rooms

Using the right storage tools and setting up a system that works with the child’s personality can make a big difference when organizing kids rooms. Knowing how to organize a kids room to fit a child’s personality will help you achieve greater success. Each child has a different personality so different methods will work better for different kids — it shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach.

Shelves and Bins For Organizing Kids Rooms

If you have young children, you might find that a white bookshelf or a mounted white wall shelf works well for keeping things organized, along with a set of buckets or tubs.

First, install the shelves. Then, assign each tub a type of toy. Spend a little time on the computer creating labels for each tub. Use a text label as well as a picture of the types of items. For example, ‘Trucks’ might be one of your categories. Label the tub with a picture and the word ‘Trucks’ and even if your child can’t read yet, they’ll be able to see what kind of toys go in which bucket.

White Cube Shelves to Organize A Kids Room

Kids Cube Shelves
Kids Cube Shelves

You can also find white cube shelves that work with fabric drawers, or you can use the freestanding shelves just as they are. Instead of labeling tubs or bins, get a label maker with transparent label tape and label just under each cubby.

You can also print a picture of the type of item and tape it to the back of each cube. These types of freestanding shelving units are decorative as well as functional and picking up is easy when it’s clear where everything belongs. Cube shelves are a great choice if you are looking for functional organizers for kids.

White Shelves For School Projects

Does your child often come home with art projects that they’d like to display? A white floating shelf is a great way to create a special place in their room to proudly display their most recent work. Find frames that will hold standard size paper and that have easy-to-remove backings so your child can swap out their own art. Use the shelf to display other important items like sports trophies or photos of friends and family.

With a few basic shelves or storage containers you can create an organized kids room with a clean look that your child will be able to help you maintain, or even maintain on their own. It only takes a little bit of time to label tubs or shelves and the results are well worth the effort. Some kids are more organized by nature and they may love having this type of set up in their room. Organizing kids rooms can sometimes help them take pride in their room and teach them skills they can use as they get older.